The cooling tower is an expedient device in cooling applications particularly in commercial and industrial buildings. The cooling set-up allows the waste heat from the structure to be released through the process of evaporation. Basically, water is used to absorb heat from industrial equipment or the AC. The cooling tower exposes the heated water to the air which cools it through contact. This heat exchanger enhances the performance of HVAC systems and provides long-term service when it is maintained properly. However, the tower is still vulnerable to damage and normal wear and tear. This means that you will be required to replace faulty parts periodically. Here are some common cooling power parts and simple tips on choosing the best replacements.

Cooling Fans

Cooling tower fans are installed into the system to induce more efficient movement of cold air during the cooling process. It is imperative for the fans to move large amounts of air to achieve ideal temperatures in the industrial or commercial building. It is important for you to purchase and install fans that will withstand the harsh conditions of the tower. This means that an ideal replacement product should not be vulnerable to corrosion or rust because the system is moist. For example, you can choose aluminium alloy blades because they are light and chemically stable. In addition, inquire about fans which are designed to produce minimal noise during operation to prevent noise pollution in your property.


Cooling tower fill refers to banks of material onto which the heated water is sprayed for cooling. This slows the water down and increases surface area for maximum contact between air and water. It is important to choose the right material for the fill because it will determine the efficiency of the heat exchange process. There are generally two types of fill: film and splash. There are diverse proprietary fill materials and designs in the two categories from different manufacturers. The former design spreads water into a thin film for cooling while the splash alternative breaks the water spray into tiny drops. Both are effective choices and the ideal choice for your tower will depend on factors such as the cooling tower model and the specific application.


The nozzles in the cooling tower are responsible for the flow of heated water to the fill material. Poor performance of the nozzles will result in reduced cooling efficiency. You should look for nozzles which are insusceptible to rust such as polypropylene. Additionally, ensure that the nozzles are relatively wide for increased water flow.

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