When you begin to think about heating and cooling, there are likely two main systems that you think of – the air conditioner and the furnace. However, there is another contender that may be more beneficial than the AC/furnace option.

Put simply, the heat pump is a type of HVAC system that utilizes electricity to cool and to heat your home. It is similar to an air conditioner, but it can reverse the process of the AC and offer warm air for the home, as well. Modern heat pumps range in total efficiency and can help to enhance a home's comfort.

Figuring out which is best for a home is dependent on a number of factors. Considering each of the factors here can help you make an educated decision regarding which option is best for your home and your particular needs.

Utility Rates

Heat pumps are very cost effective as compared to other air conditioners. They do not create heat like other air conditioners but move heat from either from the house to the atmosphere or vice versa according to the requirement. This reduces the cost of electricity by 30%-40% .  A lower cost is definitely a perk that people will find appealing when they are trying to make a decision between a traditional air conditioner and furnace or a heat pump.

Higher Efficiency

When compared to other types of heaters that use electricity, heat pumps are always on top. While other methods, such as heat strips, space heaters, etc., have to use the electricity to make the heat, a heat pump uses heat transfer. This process requires much less electricity. This means if you want heat, but don't want an excessive electricity bill, then the heat pump is the best option.

Where Do You Live?

In areas that are hotter throughout the year, a heat pump may not be the ideal option. In these areas, an AC paired with an air handler may be all that is needed. However, in other parts of the country, heat pumps definitely have the advantage.

If you are unsure about if a heat pump is best for your home and needs, then speaking with a professional is the best course of action. They can help you evaluate your needs and find the right heating and cooling solution that is necessary. However, saving money is one of the biggest appealing factors of a heat pump and may be enough to convince you that this is the right option.